UPDF: Winnie Kiiza’s Husband Lied About Armed Men at His Residence

The UPDF has poured water on claims made by Kasese Woman MP, Winnie Kiiza and her husband, Yokasi Bihande relating to alleged presence of armed military personnel at their home in Kasese.

Kiiza and the husband made the allegations over the weekend, claiming the said armed people were spotted at their home on Friday and Sunday.

“As I am posting this message, again, nine armed men in millitary uniform have sorrounded our house again in Kiburara Kasese. All of them armed to the teeth with machine guns and RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades),” Kiiza wrote on her Facebook on Sunday night.

She said they wanted to shoot her husband.

However, in response, the army have said the allegations are baseless.

“Yesterday evening when he made similar allegations, both UPDF and UPF squads reached his home in a very short time,” the UPDF said in a statement

“Surprisingly, the home was locked and his manager confirmed to the team that Yokasi Bihande left earlier for Kampala,” added the statement.

UPDF says Bihande posted falsehoods when he was not at his home and that this was proved by his manager Jimmy and other technical systems used by Security.

The said systems showed the exact location where he was at that time.

“The security forces will nevertheless investigate the motive behind these allegations”.

On Monday morning, Police similarly questioned the authenticity in Winnie Kiiza’s claims. Police spokesperson, SSP Emilian Kayima said that when her husband made the first allegation to the Police, the DPC for Bwera was dispatched. He however reached Bihande’s home and did not find anything.

It remains to be seen as to whether the allegations have credibility or whether they are being used as a political tool as some people have already observed.

Some people responded to Kiiza’s post on Facebook punching holes in her claims. They wondered why an assassin would expose themselves to their target and keep roaming their compound and why the family did not report to police but took to facebook on Sunday for a life-threatening incident said to have allegedly happened on Friday.

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