Police Intercepts Rwandan Refugees on Missionary Journey to Tanzania, Ties them to Rebel Group

Rwandan refugees arrive at Gatuna border from Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda in 2013. (Photo by Cyril Ndegeya)

KIKAGATI – A group of Rwandan refugees have been arrested by Police at the Ugandan border with Tanzania on Monday on their way to an evangelical mission. The refugees who are residents in Uganda were travelling in a bus to Tanzania for a Christian fellowship when they were arrested.

One of the refugees who was part of the group told SoftPower News that they had been cleared by both Ugandan and Tanzanian immigration authorities at the Kikagati border and crossed into Tanzania when suddenly they were stopped and ordered back into Uganda where they were detained.

A source says the police officers said they had orders from Col Atwooki Ndahura, the Director of Police Crime Intelligence.

Ndahura ordered the police O.C (Officer In Charge) to impound the bus yet the refugees had been cleared by immigration officers.

Refugees this website has spoken with fear that they could be illegally repatriated to Rwanda.

“We were already on the Tanzanian side of the border when Ugandan policemen followed us and commanded the driver to stop the bus and cross back to Uganda,” one of the persons told SoftPower News on phone moments after they crossed back to Uganda.

“We asked the policemen why they left us to cross only to follow us and stop us, they said they were ordered by boss Ndahura,” the source who will not be named said.

“The policemen have told us to get permission from the Rwandan Embassy in Kampala or talk to Ndahura to give them other orders,” the source, who seemed worried added.

By time of publication, the source had revealed that Police was accusing the group which included old women of having connections to rebel group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

When the group refused to drive to a destination they were uncertain about and people started gathering, Police decided to take them to Isingiro police station to make statements.

“The policemen are telling us that Col Ndahura has great interest in us. Police is now taking us to isingiro police station for arrest.”

In Police Crime intelligence, Col Atwooki Ndahura replaced Commandant of Police Professional Standards Unit, Joel Aguma who is currently in Luzira Prison, facing charges including conspiracy with the government of Rwanda to illegally repatriate Rwandan refugees.

Col Ndahura is one of the UPDF officers who joined police shortly after Gen Kale Kayihura was first appointed Inspector General of Police (IGP).

When contacted to comment on this development, the Police Spokesperson SSP Emilian Kayima said he was unable to give a comment since he was running for a meeting.

Last week, this website reported that authorities in the Rwandan government were secretly working with Senior Police officers in Uganda to facilitate the capture of Rwandan refugees and hand them over for reprisal against their will.


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