LDUs to Receive Shs 200,000 Monthly Pay

Gen Muhoozi (C) before the Parliamentary committee with P.S Ministry of Defence, Rosette Byengoma (R) and Under Sec, Edith Buturo (L).

Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has revealed that they will be paying Local Defense Units (LDUs) personnel Shs 200,000 per month for the services they will render to Ugandans.

Last month, UPDF started implementing the President’s directive of recruiting 24,000 LDUs in the areas of Kampala and Wakiso to beef up security.

The LDUs will serve for a period of only six months after which government believes that the other technical components of security including CCTV cameras will have been put in place.

The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), Gen David Muhoozi informed the MPs on the Defense committee on Wednesday that the auxiliary (support) forces are paid Shs 200,000 and it is the same amount that the LDUs will be receiving.

Muhoozi also informed the committee that the LDUs are not entitled to pension and gratuity but instead, they will receive something in the range of six months pay on retirement.

“These are given a send off because they are not members of the regular force,” Muhoozi explained.

However, some MPs on the committee were not satisfied with the amount of money being proposed for payment of LDUs saying it is very little.

“Members, we need to interrogate this further, Shs 200,000 for 6 months is so little since it can’t enable someone even set up a small business after serving in the force. This worries us because some may turn out to be dangerous to the community,” said MP Muwanga Kivumbi.

In response, Gen Muhoozi informed the MPs that it is not the first time LDUs are being recruited, noting that these are going to be operating from their areas of residence.

“To allay your fears members, these people can’t degenerate into insecurity. These are local residents being given a task to help in security which they are doing voluntarily, they are working under strict supervision,” Muhoozi noted.

Gen Muhoozi appeared before the committee together with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defence, Rosette Byengoma and the Under Secretary in charge of Finance and Administration, Edith Buturo among other officers.

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