CMI Arrests Notorious Criminal Suspected to Have Killed Joan Kagezi

Former Senior Principal State Attorney, Joan Kagezi who was assassinated in 2015

Abdul Semujju Minana, a suspected notorious armed criminal close to Police has been arrested in connection with the murder of former Senior Principal State Attorney, Joan Kagezi.

SoftPower News has it on good authority that Minana was arrested yesterday, Thursday by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) from Nabwelu near Kampala, after his confidant tipped off security authorities. The suspected criminal was hiding in a car when his confidant betrayed him and notified authorities who swung into action.

Minana, together with Police former Commander of Special Operations, Nixon Agasirwe are suspected to have murdered former Senior Principal State Attorney, Joan Kagezi in March 2015. Kagezi was shot dead by two assailants who are said to have trailed her on motorcycles until Najjera where she stopped to buy vegetables.

At the time of her death, Kagezi had been prosecuting a high profile case involving 13 suspects believed to have carried out the July 2010 twin bombs in Kampala which killed 76 people at Kyadondo Rugby club in Lugogo and the Ethiopian village restaurant in Kabalagala.

A source has told this website that Minana is suspected to have killed Prosecutor Joan Kagezi on orders of Nixon Agasirwe.

Minana is now detained at Mbuya military facility where all hard core criminals involved in crimes of a military nature are first detained for investigations before they are prosecuted by the Military Court Martial.

The suspected criminal went into hiding upon learning that his suspected partners in crime had been arrested by CMI.

More than two years since the gruesome murder of Kagezi occurred, investigations have hit a dead end as police relentlessly blamed the death of Kagezi on elements of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). Police arrested several suspects accusing them of murdering Kagezi.

However, one of our sources says, all technical investigations by CMI, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Scotland Yard, had all pointed to heavy presence of policemen at the crime scene during the murder of Joan Kagezi.”

“All investigations by the three institutions whose technical investigative capacity is unrivalled revealed the presence of Minana and Nixon Agaswire at the crime scene during the murder of Kagezi,” the source added.

Minana is said to have wielded lots of power within Police. He was found armed with a Uganda Police Force gun during the arrest on Thursday.

Minana’s close confindant told this website on condition of anonymity that Minana had earlier confided; “If I am ever arrested, I will confess because I worked on orders of my bosses.”

Last year, President Yoweri Museveni said at the vigil of the late Police spokesman, Andrew Felix Kaweesi that Police had criminals among its ranks and ordered the Police leadership to rid the force of criminal elements.

Investigations into the killing of late Kaweesi are also shrouded by uncertainty and concerns by several Ugandans that innocent people could have been arrested and falsely accused.


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