Video: Museveni in 40 Push-Ups, Stay Safe, Fit and Healthy Indoor Challenge

President Yoweri Museveni 40 Push-Ups challenge.

In a bid to encourage Ugandans to stay safe and fit, President Yoweri Musveni has released another indoor workout video.

In the video, Museveni is seen running barefoot around his office and doing push-ups in an armless t-shirt.

“After work last night, I challenged my Bazzukulu to an indoor work-out. We did Forty Push-ups,” Museveni said.

“Just like I have always advised, even at your own home, you can stay safe, and remain fit and healthy.”


So far, there over 1100 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Uganda, according to figures from the Ministry of Health.

Museveni had warned Ugandans not to exercise outdoors, writing: “If you want to exercise, you can do that indoors.”

As the leader does his reps, aides and Bazzukulu (grandchildren) can be heard in the background of the video counting up to 40.

Uganda has issued several guidelines aimed at stemm8ng the spread of coronavirus, including social distancing measures, ban on churches and schools. Others including mandatory wearing of facemasks in public and Washing of hands.



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