Ugandan Entrepreneur, Jalia Nagawa Wins Humanitarian Award in U.S

Julia Nagawa Walusimbi posing with her accolade.

Ugandan entrepreneur and social activist, Jalia Nagawa Walusimbi, has scooped the AFRIFUM humanitarian award 2020 in the U.S.

AFRIFAMU stands for African Fashion And Music Fest and it is a platform where both music and fashion cross path and face each other while celebrating the glamour of African Culture.

Jalia was awarded with the African Community Achievement Award and was appreciated for her contribution to the building of the Ugandan community in California that is respected and applauded by many.

The businesswoman is founder of Jaliz Cuisine of East Africa restaurant, and is also a social activist and a performing artist.

She was nominated for the award for being a prominent member and leader in the Ugandan community in California USA and her passion about helping and working with fellow community members in humanitarian and social work.

She is popularly known in her community as Aunty Jalia who is a Ugandan/American recording artist popularly known for ‘Nja Kuyimba’ album of 1994 and an actress in a movie (Love collision 2012).

“I would like to thank God for this award, this is too much for me, I would like to thank the Jaliz Cuisine customers and the California community, it’s because of you people that I have been able to receive the award,” Nagawa said.

She appreciated her family members and her husband, Hajji Abbey Walusimbi who is currently in Uganda for all the support that he has accorded her over time.

As a way of celebrating the award, Nagawa threw a party to all the African community members in California at her Restaurant (Jaliz Cuisine of East Africa) on March 7, 2010

According to the organizers, AFRIFAMU aims at portraying culture through its great cultural designs using the popular Ankara and Atogu materials from West, South, North, East and Central Africa.

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