Salvado Hosted Alex Muhangi on His Radio Show and they Cleared the Air on their ‘Beef’

Alex Muhangi (L) appearing on Salvado’s radio show. (Photos: @Bamulanzeki)

Popular stand-up comedians Patrick Salvado and Alex Muhangi have both publicly disclosed there is no beef between them whatsoever, despite the media continuing to fuel a rift between them.

On Tuesday, Salvado hosted Comedy Store Uganda host Alex Muhangi on his Breakfast show on Sanyu FM where they chatted about a range of topic – Comedy, Covid, music among others.

But Salvado who together with Muhangi and Pablo Kimuli pioneered stand-up comedy in Uganda made sure the air was cleared regarding the sticky issue (their ‘beef’). The two comedians have each previously downplayed the talk of beef, but the media has regurgitated it regardless. 

“People like to make news. With no news, people won’t buy newspapers, people won’t watch TV,” Alex Muhangi said on Tuesday when Salvado asked him to comment on their ‘beef’.

“People in Uganda have failed to distinguish between business, friendships, buddies, stuff like that.  Most of these interviews they tell me ‘Alex we here you are beefing with Salvado’ and I’m like ‘Why would you say that?’”

Alex says the height of the ‘beef’ was last year when Salvado launched his own comedy show (Just Comedy). At the time, local tabloids and blogs exploited this to pit the two comedians against each other.

This sucked in their respective fans who used social media to take swipes at the other camp. Some fans said Salvado’s intention was to eat into Alex’s audience, but Muhangi insisted healthy competition was good for the industry. In fact during the launch of ‘Just Comedy’, Muhangi along with his Comedy Store crew attended the show.

“There’s no beef whatsoever. This one I can even say in church or wherever. I don’t know. I will be hanging with Salvado, and in the morning, there will  be a story that we’re beefing,” Muhangi said on Tuesday.

“People don’t understand that someone owning a radio station can be friends with another radio owner. There’s no fight. It’s just business”.

Muhangi says ‘Comedy Store’ and ‘Just Comedy’ serve different audiences since the former is largely Luganda while the latter came in to serve those comfortable with performers who use English.

On his part, Salvado said; “You’ve all heard. Both of us are together. You know most of the times they (media) say ‘When we interviewed you, you say something different. When we interview the other one, he says something different’. Now, we are together and we’re quashing those rumors”. 

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