Private Sector: Covid-19 Complacency Will Cost Uganda a Fortune

PSFU Executive Director, Gideon Badagawa.

Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) has called on Ugandans to strictly observe covid-19 guidelines.

In a statement issued on Sunday afternoon, the Executive Director of PSFU, Mr. Gideon Badagawa warned Ugandans that the current levels of complacency will cost the country a fortune.

Below is the statement in full:

Fellow Ugandans,

COVID-19 remains a big challenge for all of us. It is threatening and taking lives. The number of cases and deaths are on the rise.

PSFU has been at the forefront, working with Government to help ease the lockdown and allow our businesses to continue while strictly observing the SOPs.

However, we are challenged with the levels of complacency.

We wish to caution all Ugandans that these levels of complacency are much likely to cost us a fortune, socially and economically.

We therefore urge Ugandans to strictly observe the SOPs as laid by the Ministry of Health.

1. Always wear a face mask when in public

.2. Wash hands with soap and sanitize
3. Sanitize workplace surfaces
4. Observe social distancing of at least 2 metres.

This way we shall remain safe, alive and continue normally with our businesses.

Please remember that each time you do not wear a mask, you put your life and that of your colleagues at risk.

Let’s all watch out and remain safe.

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