Kenya Reports its First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus

Kenya’s Cabinet secretary for Health, Mutahi Kagwe

Kenya has announced its very first confirmed case of Coronavirus as the pandemic continues to spread across the world, three months since the deadly virus broke out in China’s Wuhan city.

This was revealed Friday by Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Health, Mutahi Kagwe, at a news conference in Nairobi.

Kenya’s patient zero, a female aged 27 is reported to have traveled to Kenya from U.S through London. She arrived on March 5.

On realizing some of the symptoms, she took herself to the hospital for testing. Kenyan media reports that she has already provided a list of the people she has been in contact with in recent days. Mutahi said efforts are underway to trace these contacts.

She has been placed under isolation at Kenyatta National Hospital and the Cabinet Secretary said the patient is stable. 

As part of the preventative measures, government in Kenya has already placed a ban on all communal activities including inter-school competitions, public rallies, meetings, crusades as well as visits to prisons. The public transport sector has been urged to provide hand sanitizers to all passengers.

Government also asked members of the public who present with symptoms of coughing and sneezing, to stay home. Authorities are emphasizing the need to maintain high standards of hygiene and regularly washing hands with sanitizers.

A travel advisory has also been issued against travel in a total of 13 countries considered to be high risk.

Kenya now becomes the 10th country in Africa to confirm COVID-19 with 5 deaths in total. It should be recalled that Democratic Republic of Congo also registered its COVID-19 case this week.

Other affected countries are: Algeria (25 cases), South Africa (13), Côte d’Ivoire (1), Cameroon (2), Bukina Faso (2), Senegal (4), Nigeria (2), Togo(1) and DRC (1).

Globally,  125,048 confirmed cases have been reported according to the latest WHO report, and 6,729 of these are new. Death toll stands at 4,613.

In China alone,  80,981 cases have been confirmed with 3,173 deaths while the cases outside China stand at 44,067 with 1,440 deaths.

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