Kadaga Orders Reburial of Uganda’s First Covid Death Victim After Dogs Reportedly Tore Body

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has directed the Ministry of Health to dispatch a team to Namisindwa district to ensure that the body of the first COVID-19 death victim is properly reburied following reports that dogs might have opened the grave and torn up the body.

Last week, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the country had registered its first Covid death, a female Ugandan in Namisindwa district.

Rising on a matter of National importance, Namisindwa District Woman Member of Parliament (MP) Grace Namukhula Watuwa noted that despite the district registering a death case, the Central government hasn’t provided enough support to the residents.

“Unfortunately, after losing this first case, we expected interventions from the central government. The intervention we got was burial and the body was poorly buried. The odor of the decomposing body has sent away security,” Watuwa said.

Watuwa added, “The body was buried poorly and the dogs have opened up the grave, so the odor is everywhere. We expected interventions from the centre, to sensitize the community.”

The district quarantine has over 180 cases with only four temperature guns, no food and have never received face masks despite being a border district that is still under lock down, the MP revealed.

She added that the community has never received any psychosocial support and they are now up in arms and have shunned members of the bereaved family.

“We pray that the Ministry of Health comes to our intervention to provide psychosocial support because if the churches were open, may be the prayers and the counseling would come from the churches but they are still closed,” Watuwa demanded.

Ruling on the matter, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga directed that the Ministry of Health immediately dispatches a team to Namisindwa to ensure that the body is properly buried and a report is given to the House on Wednesday.

“This is a matter of great concern. First we were told that the border districts would be the first to receive masks. We need to ask the Minister of Health to urgently send a team to Namisindwa to ensure the body is properly buried, ensure that you supply the district with sanitizers and masks,” Kadaga said.

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