If You Want to Die of Covid-19, We Have Teams In White to Bury You- Museveni on Complacency

Presideny Museveni addressing Ugandans on Budget day, 2020.

President Yoweri Museveni has again cautioned Ugandans against laxity in the fight against Covid-19.

President Museveni expressed his disappointment with complacent Ugandans while delivering the 2020/2021 National budget speech at State House Entebbe on Thursday. He said they were no longer following preventive guidelines he and the Ministry of Health have for many months explained.

“Ugandans do not believe without seeing. I always see people in Kampala moving in big groups with no masks. On Heroes’ day, I told you what I thought – that if you are disappointed that we don’t have dead bodies like other countries, you will see them if you don’t listen. You will find that we have teams of people putting on white, burying people like you have seen in other countries,” he said.

Museveni warned Ugandams against the deadly novel coronavirus and advised nobody should be forced to follow health guidelines, instead everyone should take individual responsibility.

“It shouldn’t be police to enforce guidelines. We cannot go on begging  you to live, this is not how we run the country. We cannot be telling mature people that there is a danger to the extent of deploying Police! Why should we deploy Police yet you know that Covid-19 is killing people in other countries?” he said.

The President first cautioned Ugandans against complacency on 9 June.  President Museveni warned of possible covid-19 deaths if Ugandans do not continue heeding guidelines against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Museveni said Uganda has registered no covid-19 related deaths because initially, government guidelines to stem the spread were followed and only a few people were infected and hospitalized. However, the Ministry of Health reports new covid-19 cases everyday.

The President’s caution followed laxity amongst the population ever since the lockdown was eased. Many Ugandans downtown are seen ignoring observance of social distancing while others do not wear masks in public. The city is crowded despite increasing covid-19 cases.

On the day private vehicles were permitted to move, several motorists told SoftPower News that they had moved to the city without purpose.

“I have just come to see what town is like,” a motorist stuck in heavy traffic said while many drivers were reminded by traffic police to drive back as they had no masks.

President Museveni said it will be difficult to stop deaths with the ever increasing number of covid-19 cases.

“Those who were discharged recovered because the numbers in the treatment centres were few and the doctors could concentrate on them. I appeal to you, Ugandans, whose activities we have opened up, to observe social distance. I appeal to you for your sake. Wash your hands, wear a mask in public.”

The mask is not very comfortable but medicine apart from that of children is bitter,” Museveni said as he officiated celebrations to mark Heroes’ Day at State House, Entebbe today.

“Some Ugandans say after all nobody has died, so they are not bothered. If you are looking for somebody to die, you will get him. And when you start dying, don’t say Museveni did not tell us. We won’t keeping begging you not to die. We have told you exactly what science says about this virus,” Museveni cautioned.

He said that he is disturbed by images of Ugandans disregarding all the preventive measures against the coronavirus.

He also revealed that although his ministry of health officials were planning for health facilities with 9000-bed capacity, he advised them to plan for 40,000-bed capacity and that places like Namboole stadium are being prepared to treat a big number of people if cases continue to rise.

But he warned, “if the numbers are too big, then they will overwhelm even the big place we have prepared.”

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