A Pictorial Of The Craze, Partying And Thrill That Nyege Nyege Fest Was

After months of a steady build-up of FOMO (fear of missing out) coupled with an unrelenting buzz on social media, the annual craze, Nyege Nyege festival, came and went, but anyone who attended will tell you the memories will stick

For four straight days, the Nile Discovery Resort, in Njeru, 86 kilometres northeast of Uganda’s capital Kampala, was home to partying, fun, social interaction and more. As the latest popular phrase in Kampala goes, it was Party, Party After Party.

Social media did a superb job ensuring those who didn’t make the trip kept tabs on the happenings. It was inevitable to avoid the stream of photos and videos of all sorts of things – shaking camping tents, rather weird dances, grooving, food, painted faces, drinking and music performances.

Not that some characteristics of the fest didn’t make a section of the public uncomfortable. Concerns related to morality. But the revellers cared less.
Perhaps because many have come to embrace Nyege Nyege as a space where anything is to be expected.

The fest brought together Ugandans, Kenyans, Tanzanians, South Africans as well as a good number of international revelers.

“Nyege Nyege stands for peace, love, and abundant joy, for underground music and musicians in Africa, from Africa or with a deep interest in getting to know the continent better, it stands for fun and curiosity and pushing boundaries always with a sense inclusivity and an invitation to wonder,” is how the official Nyege Nyege website describes the event that to date remains mystical.

Below is a pictorial as captured by photographer Nelly Salvatore of what transpired in the luscious 6-acre forest on the banks of the river Nile, just a kilometer away from the actual source of the Nile.

Submitted by webmaster on Sep 13
Submitted by webmaster on Sep 13

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